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O que fazer em Paraty

Oca Paraty promotes sustainable tourism, we encourage our guests to interact with the environment by practicing sports in order to ensure the preservation of the ecosystem. Choose the activity that best suits your mood, be it zen, adventurous or extreme.


See below some tips for tours and activities that Oca Paraty recommends:

Paraty Bay
Paraty Bay


The extensive and rugged coastline of Paraty has 82 continental beaches and 65 islands, in a total of 300 beaches of incomparable beauty. Getting to know the Bay of Paraty is a mandatory program for those who come to the city, it can be done by schooner, private boats or speedboats.


Some beaches can be accessed by car or public transport. Small or large, wild or popular, with crystal clear waters in shades of green and blue, accessible by boat or car: choose yours!


Paraty Mirim beach

Suitable for snorkeling, SUP, rowing and hiking

little known refuge


Paraty Mirim beach is 15 km from the center of Paraty, and can be accessed by car or regular bus. It preserves a piece of the memory of Paraty itself, here was the port for the arrival of slaves and for the shipment of gold that came from Minas Gerais towards Portugal.


There you can see the ruins of the old village and the church of Nossa Sehora da Conceição, founded in 1686 by the Jesuits.


Cut by a river, with white sand and warm, crystalline waters, it is the ideal place for those who like peace and tranquility.


Recommended for families with children.

Praia do Sono

Recommended for those who like trekking and surfing

Hidden between Trindade and Paraty


A beautiful traditional caiçara village hidden between Paraty and Trindade, to get there it is necessary to go by car or bus to the Laranjeiras condominium and from there follow a trail through the forest.


After approximately 1 hour of moderate walking, the view of the beach is enough to make anyone's jaw drop. It has a beautiful waterfall and waves suitable for surfing.


The beach is usually very frequented by young people, especially on holidays and the end of the year. However, out of season it is a true paradise.

Trindade beach

Suitable for surfing and hiking

I rock with bars and music 


Trindade is a fishing village that has become a trend among young people. Formed by 4 beaches with very different characteristics. It can be accessed by car or public transport.


Cepilho beach is the favorite of surfers in the regions,  with strong and fast waves is indicated for those who already have some experience in the sport.


On Ranchos beach it is possible to enjoy good music or have lunch in the several beach-style tents.


Praia do Meio, small and with calm waters, is very popular with families with children.


Praia do Caxadaço, extensive and white sand, has strong waves, from there you can take a trail to the pools of Caxadaço, perhaps the best spot in the region. Large rocks surrounded the sea water forming a kind of pool with fantastic water transparency. Avoid the place on weekends and holidays as it is usually very crowded.

Mamanguá bag

Recommended for kayaking and trekking 

a marine nursery


The Bay of Paraty hides a gem of our coast: the bag of Mamanguá, whose slopes exceed 500 meters in height at some points, which makes it almost a fjord – there is nothing like it in Brazil. That's why it's worth setting aside a whole day to browse this place.


You can rent a boat at the pier in Paraty or directly in Paraty Mirim. Another option is to take a kayak tour through the mangrove at the end of the Saco do Mamangua to a refreshing waterfall.

Cotia Island

Accessible by boat only

whim of nature


The scenery of the charming Ilha da Cotia, which is located at the entrance of the Paraty Mirim cove, is unique in Paraty: two beaches, one facing the other, connected on the same stretch of sand, like Siamese beaches.


Another attraction are the large rocks in the shallows, which form natural pools, excellent for diving.


Old woman's bag

Accessible by boat only

nook of tranquility


Tranquility and peace are the watchwords of this pleasant hideaway hidden in the bay of Paraty. Whoever gets there doesn't spare praise for nature, reasons for this abound. The little beach is your postcard with large stones buried in the sand.


Those arriving by boat will soon find Vivinho's passion bar, a rustic but pleasant bar that serves simple and well-served dishes that will make your mouth water.


Praia Grande da Cajaiba

Accessible by boat only

golden sands


Praia Grande da Cajaíba, in the Juatinga ecological reserve, has fine yellowish sand, is crossed by a stream and has a very inviting waterfall at the back.


As it is far from the Paraty pier, it is usually little visited.



The perfect combination of abundant water, Atlantic Forest and relief features result in magnificent waterfalls that can be visited in Paraty. Some of the closed trail accesses are so exclusive that they compensate for the difficulty of the way. With easy or difficult access, the important thing is to bathe in the crystal clear and freezing waters that wash the body and soul.


Waterfall Waterfall

Medium difficulty trail

The biggest in the region


One of the biggest waterfalls in Paraty, formed by three waterfalls.


Access is via a beautiful two-hour trail through native vegetation.


Indicated for those who already have some physical preparation.

Saco Bravo Waterfall

High difficulty trail

The most beautiful in Paraty



The Saco Bravo waterfall is one of the most beautiful in Paraty. Formed by a large natural pool with crystal clear water and a waterfall, located on an extensive rock less than five meters from the sea, causing the excess fresh water to be dumped directly into the ocean.


Access after an hour and a half of trail in the woods from Ponta Negra beach. You need to be in good physical condition to get there.

Centro Historico
Historic center


The historic center is the scene of countless artistic manifestations, trendy restaurants and renowned plastic artists  that make Paraty a true art gallery.

Streets of the Historic Center

Don't miss out on knowing

historical heritage


Getting to know Paraty is a true walk through history, founded in the mid-1600s, it has secular churches and mansions from the time of the empire.In the streets of Paraty you will find good restaurants, ateliers, museums, theater and a lot of friendliness.


The best way to get to know the best of the historic center is to go for a walk and get lost in its charming colorful streets.

Puppet Theater

show for adults

theater without words

The puppet theater, popular and critical, is a traditional attraction of the city presented weekly by the group Contadores de Estórias, a unique and unmissable show.


The puppets evoke gestures, postures and emotions and create that wonderful kind of illusion that only art achieves.


The performances take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 pm, tickets can be purchased at the theater box office or at the city's tourist agencies.

Museum of Sacred Art

Suitable for all ages

a visit to the past


O museum founded in 1978 gathers pieces from three other churches in the city — Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, Nossa Senhora do Rosário and Nossa Senhora das Dores e_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-bb3b-3 136bad5cf58d_is inside the Santa Rita Church which was recently restored. 


The narrative adopted goes back to the historical, stylistic and artistic path of the architectural ensemble itself (dating from 1722), proposing more visibility to the pieces, which now occupy the central nave of the church, in addition to the sacristy, where they were originally located. It brings together objects and utilities in silver and gold, images of saints and antique furniture.


Strong Perpetual Defender

Suitable for all ages

The best view of the city


The Forte Defensor Perpétuo, with its trenches, Royal Guard canyons and Casa da Pólvora, was built in 1703 and currently houses the Center for Popular Arts and Traditions of Paraty.


In the place it is possible to walk trails in the forest for the observation of birds and to have a fantastic view of the entire Historic Center.

Traditional Communities


Paraty is home to traditional communities that keep our culture and tradition alive to this day. Here you will be able to know the roots of our culture by visiting the Caiçaras Villages, the Indigenous Villages and Quilombo do Campinho.

Caiçara communities

A visit to the past and the tradition of Paraty

A village of artisans

There are several caiçara communities on the beaches and islands of Paraty, one of the most famous is Ilha do Araújo, just 10km from the historic center of Paraty, it can be accessed with a short boat crossing from Praia Grande._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


The island has a fishing village and artisans that still keep alive the caiçara traditions.

Araponga tribe

A visit to the origins of Brazil

the owners of the land

The remaining indigenous village of the first Indians who occupied the lands of Paraty keeps its culture and roots intact.


During the visit to the village, you will be able to learn about the social structure of a village, its handicrafts and the way to cultivate the land.

Quilombo do Campinho

A visit to the refuge of our history

shelter of tradition

Quilombo do Campinho occupies 287 hectares of land organized into 13 family groups with 150 families surrounded by the beauty of the Atlantic Forest. The sustainability of the community has always been based on the principles of agroecology worked on in collective efforts.

Currently, community-based tourism that brings together the tourist potential of the community is an important strategy for promoting sustainable local development. The Quilombo restaurant, the seedling nursery, the flour house, the family centers, the craft house, the storytelling with griots, the jongo and samba circles make up the ethno-ecological itinerary around economic solidarity production. , where the income generated is distributed among the people involved.

cultivate the land.



In Paraty children also have many leisure options, in addition to the calm beaches and warm waters where they have fun with delicious sea baths and sand castles, there are also  some parks and tours specialized in entertainment juvenile.

Paraty Sport and Adventure

For children and adults of all ages

adventure safely

O  park has 2,600m of trails in the middle of the Atlantic Forest and offers different types of adventure, such as tree climbing, rappelling, canyoning, kayaks and so on.


With different levels of difficulty, it is a good option of activities for children of all ages, from 1m in height.

Kayaking on Jabauara Beach

Infrastructure and tranquility

Just the right amount of fun

Jabaquara beach is 5 minutes from the historic center with calm waters and no waves, it is usually murky due to its muddy and sandy bottom. It has many bars on the waterfront and hiking trails, it has good infrastructure for families.


On the beach it is possible to rent double kayaks and Stand Up boards for children.



Paraty has a very diversified relief, squeezed between the sea and the mountains, it forms a beautiful postcard - as Lúcio Costa said: “Paraty is the city where the sea and the mountains meet, or rather, intertwine”. Here it is possible to go through several trails with different degrees of difficulty, but they all lead to a stunning landscape.

Sugarloaf Mountain

With medium difficulty level

a spectacular view

Pico do Pão de Açúcar is located in the bag of the Mamanguá, providing a panoramic view of extreme beauty over the entire bay of Paraty. To get there, you need to take a boat from Paraty Mirim to Cruzeiro beach and from there, go up the trail, which has a medium degree of difficulty and takes approximately 1:30h.


Cruzeiro beach is bucolic and still reserves for the visitor experiences of the caiçara daily life: little church in the sand, fishermen boats on the beach and children reveling in the water.

For those who are going to do the trail to the peak of the Sugar Loaf, the tip is to order a typical caiçara lunch at the bar in your Orlando, which is right at the beginning of the trail, he can actually give you good tips on how to get to the peak._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Macela Stone

With low level of difficulty

At 1,840 m altitude

On the border with the São Paulo city of Cunha, Pedra Macela attracts tourists from all over the world for its spectacular view of the bay of Paraty and Angra dos Reis. Trekking lovers who go up the trail on full moon nights have the privilege of seeing one of the most spectacular images of Paraty, which is the sun rising in Paraty Bay, a breathtaking spectacle of nature.


Pedra Macela is part of the Serra da Bocaina State Park, to get there you need to go along the Paraty Cunha road for approximately 9 km and then walk up the trail to the summit, which takes about 2 hours.

Gold Path

Technical walk on slippery rocks

caminho do ouro
National Historic Heritage since 1966

Paraty   was developed as a trading post for the flow of gold, diamonds and other riches from Minas Gerais and São Paulo, along the so-called Caminho Velho da Estrada Real, the Caminho do Ouro.

Even today we can walk through the mountains of the Atlantic Forest and see up close the preserved original stone pavement built between the 17th and 19th centuries by slaves.


The route that is open to visitors in Paraty can only be covered with the presence of a qualified guide and takes around 2 hours to complete.

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