Our bungalows are simple, but at the same time very charming and comfortable, each one with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Forest, with lots of tropical flowers and plants that form a natural background for the bungalows. Exuberant birds of the region visit the pousada frequently, fulfilling its area with the most different sounds and colors. 


Ours bungalows have no tv set or telephone, but not only because we want to keep the simplicity and calmness, but also because we want to cause the lowest possible impact over the environment, keeping the unique atmosphere of peace and tranquillity at this place.


Everything here is attuned to the spirit of the place, with nothing to disturb nature's magic. This place is for you to be in a different world, the only sounds are the wind in the forest and the river.

Mezzanine bungalow

1 floor Bungalow 


Estrada Paraty Cunha, 6925 - Paraty - RJ - Tel/ whatsapp:(55) 11 970 833 409 - email: ocaparaty@gmail.com